Microsoft Announces the Next Subscription-Less Versions of Office

Microsoft has announced an update to its productivity suite, Office 2021, for consumers along with a variant specifically geared toward businesses, Office Long Term Servicing Channel. Read the full article: Photo Credits: Unsplash/Johny vino

New U.S. Pricing Strategy for the Model 3 and Y Should Improve Tesla’s Sales

It is easy to ask for lots of money when you are the only one around with a certain kind of product. Tesla used to be like this, but the international competition is now pumping up the pressure. As a result, at least a recalibration of the prices is necessary to keep the already known Tesla automobiles […]

Why Do SaaS Companies With Usage-Based Pricing Grow Faster?

Today we know of HubSpot — the maker of marketing, sales and service software products — as a preeminent public company with a market cap above $17 billion. But HubSpot wasn’t always on the IPO trajectory. For its first five years in business, HubSpot offered three subscription packages ranging in price from $3,000 to $18,000 per […]