6 Ways to Nibble Your Way to Higher Prices

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The exponential impact that raising prices can have on your profits and bottom line. The challenge is that inflation has been low for a couple of decades now. That makes it difficult for companies to push price increases for their products and services. Read the full article: 6 Ways to Nibble Your Way to Higher Prices     […]

Escaped Users: How to Prevent Customer Churn Rate

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A competent marketing plan is a guarantee of successful monetization of the application and user retention. You already know all the nuances of converting people who just download your app into loyal users. And you’re even aware of the motivations that drive users when they delete your app. But still, many developers focus their attention […]

Is It Time to Stop Selling On-Premises Licenses?

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For some software categories and types, on-prem deployments will be needed for a long time. These include software that requires high-performance computing, software that runs in factories not connected to the internet, and software that contains or deals with data that the owner doesn’t want in the cloud. Read the full article: Is It Time to […]