Walmart Is Doubling Down on ‘Rollbacks’ As Inflation Pushes Prices Higher

Lady Shopping in Wallmart

Inflation is driving up prices of items from soda to diapers, but Walmart said it is putting more of its merchandise on sale. Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner said on an earnings call Tuesday that the retailer had about 30% more discounts in stores in the first quarter than the same period a year ago. He said […]

Twitch Is Changing Subscription Pricing Based on Where You Live

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Regardless of where you are in the world, a Tier 1 subscription to a Twitch channel costs $4.99. However, over the next few months, that’s set to change, and Twitch subs are getting cheaper for the vast majority of people outside the US. Read the full article     Photo Credits: Unsplash/Tim Gouw