Asterix & Obelix Teach Everything You Need To Know About Pricing Strategy

The epic heroes Asterix & Obelix teach the best lesson in Pricing Strategy for children 5 to 100 years old. They must refill a cauldron with money (Roman sestertii) that mysteriously disappeared before the visit of Caesar’s tax collector. As they put up for sale their most prized possessions (the boars that Obelix consumes in epic quantities), misadventures in Pricing Strategy lead them down a path from legendary warriors to the laughing stocks of a motley crew of mangy stray dogs (with their own Dogmatix apparently joining in the fun). See if you can find the following elements of Pricing Strategy:

1. Lack of strategy
2. Lack of competitive research
3. Inconsistent value messaging
4. Poor sales execution
5. Inexistent “playbook” for customer negotiations
6. Making a deal you can’t live with, literally
7. Lack of executive alignment / ulterior motives divergent from the team approach
8. Paying the price for starting a price war
9. Plan B roughly equals “my dog will do my homework”

… and more!

This is a 4-page PDF … use navigation at bottom to get the whole story. If you know anybody who has never read Asterix, it’s not too late to start at any age (the series has been around for 60 years itself, for a reason!):

Asterix & Obelix Teach Pricing Strategy

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