3 Ways Competitor Price Tracking Can Make Your Brand Profitable

Growing your margins requires looking beyond your own walls: what are other sellers doing, how is your market shaping up, and how is your target audience responding? Modern brands forming their pricing plans can’t answer these questions without competitor price tracking. Read the full article: https://medium.com/@lokeshjaryan/3-ways-competitor-price-tracking-can-make-your-brand-profitable-ebe62453a45e Photo Credits: Unsplash/Jonathan Tomas

Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Sony Should Counter Microsoft’s Pricing Strategy

Even as the COVID-19 reshapes daily life for people all around the world, video games keep rolling. They’ve become crucial entertainment during times of lockdown, and they’re still preparing for one of the biggest events in the broader industry: a console transition. Microsoft and Sony are planning on releasing the Xbox Series X and PS5 […]

Struggling NYC Cabs May Add Surge Pricing to Compete with Uber and Lyft

New York City officials and advocates proposed Friday that its yellow cab drivers, who are struggling with growing debt from taxi medallions that have plummeted in value, adopt surge pricing to compete with ride-sharing companies including Uber and Lyft. Read the full article: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/struggling-nyc-cabs-add-surge-pricing-compete-uber/story?id=68666049 Photo Credits: Unsplash/Benjamin Jopen