Tesla’s Pricing Strategy: A Taxpayer Subsidy Beggar?

Image shows a Tesla sedan positioned in front of a wall with the company's logo and name.

Note: A version of this article is submitted for publication on Seeking Alpha, the world’s largest investor site, where I occasionally contribute on companies that make consequential pricing strategy decisions. Summary Tesla‘s price cuts signal deep distress ahead based on even basic pricing math, with breakeven virtually certain to be unachievable.The direct admission embedded is that […]

Egg Prices: A Poster for Ugly Inflation At Walmart, Aldi, and Cub Foods?

The ugly side of #foodprices #inflation? Cheapest egg dozen at Walmart $3.68, at Aldi $4.15 (online prices, slightly higher than in-store at Aldi) (as of Sun noon 10/30). When I wrote back in February on the relative #grocery pricing at Walmart, ALDI USA, and Cub Foods Store, eggs could be had for $0.73 at Walmart and […]

Catalyst Quote & Comment: Sam Walton On How The Customer Can Fire Everyone

Image shows a framed quote attributed to Sam Walton "There is only one boss. The customer."

Illustrating the point One word: Metaverse.  It’s been a very tough week to be any of the tech giants, with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta all reporting missed earnings or declining revenue guidance. Every brutal line of bad news basically boils down to one thing: customers are or will be spending less, and these […]

Catalyst Quote & Comment: Oscar Wilde On People Who Know The Price Of Everything

Image shows a framed quote attributed to Oscar Wilde "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Illustrating the point Consider the following title and the story in the MIT Technology Review article: Meta is desperately trying to make the metaverse happen Meta’s pricey Meta Quest Pro VR goggles leave us with a clear price tag that seeks to confidently push aside many questions about value. Just as Oscar Wilde’s skepticism was […]

Footwear Pricing Strategy: Nike, Stock Prices & Pricing Power

Image shows inverted Nike swoosh logo in black pointing downwards, against a graph with Stock Price on the Y axis, and Markdowns on the X axis, suggesting stock price decline is caused by higher markdowns. A generic price tag with a dollar sign is hanging from the lower end of the swoosh, suggesting pricing is weighing down on the stock performance. A stamp with the word Transitory suggests this is a transitory relationship.

Nike’s stock price fell (a lot). Does this tell us anything about its “pricing power”? Last week, the world’s largest footwear and apparel company lost about 15% of its market cap, taking a lot of the sector down. It had already been by and large a very rough year for footwear company valuations. Some semi-professional analysts urged […]

Aldi Is Unbundling Grocery Shopping (and Prices). Its U.S. Moment Is Now.

Image shows an Aldi supermarket store front

Grocery Shoppers Pay for Niceties, Not Just Groceries Few people realize that when they pay for a basket of groceries, at most leading grocery stores they’re paying for a “bundle.”  As in, not just a bunch of food items they will take to their families, but a fair few extra niceties that are “included” in […]