Pricing Value Maps, CPG, and Trojan Horses

The image shows a trojan horse outside the walls of a fortress.

.Note: A version of this article appeared in our LinkedIn newsletter, Pricing Power Clarity®. The “classic” price value maps – refresher & setup In my “part 1” of this post I introduced price value maps and what they are for. This appeared originally as a guest post on CPG Data Insights. I focused on “classic” variant […]

Value Maps For CPG Pricing Decisions (Part 1)

Image shows a brown unrolled map with a destination point marked in red and yellow

What are pricing value maps? Pricing value maps are visualization tools that marketers and consulting firms use to illustrate several linked points: Pricing strategy should ultimately be linked to “value,” as measured by the perception of consumers. More specifically, a buyer’s willingness-to-pay (WTP) is driven primarily by her perceived value (benefits) from buying and using […]

Pricing Performance Deep Dive Framework for CPG

Image shows a group of fish in blue colors in triangular formation, with a lead fish colored red at the tip of the triangle facing right.

By: Armin Kakas. This is a guest post from our partner Armin Kakas on pricing performance deep dive for CPG. It originally appeared on Armin’s blog with this version edited for consistency. To learn more about our partnership please read our partnership announcement. The 5-minute guide for building a dynamic, integrated, reproducible performance deep dive for CPGs […]