AI-Powered Pricing Platform To Raise Millions Through Early Stage IPO

Quicklizard, a platform that enables retailers to monitor, calculate and apply optimal prices based on real-time market trends, has today announced it will list on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange from 23rd February 2021. The company, which is currently valued at £32m is hoping to raise a further £9.86m to help fuel growth across Europe […]

New iPhone 12 Range Tipped to Be Cheaper than iPhone 11 Models

Apple’s iPhone 12 launch date is now official, which means the leaks were right. And now the most shocking part of this launch appears to have leaked. Read the full article: Photo Credits: Various Multiple Leaks

The Domino Effect: How Sales Leaders Are Reinventing Go-to-Market in the Next Normal

Sales has always been a “sensing” organization, attuned to changes in customer sentiment, shifts in demand, and the requirements of different buying stages. But those senses are being flooded as customers shift to digital engagement, leaving sellers with more channels to cover and more interactions to manage. Read the full article: Photo Credits: Unsplash/Tatiana Rodriguez

Building and Sustaining Value in Advanced Industries through Analytics-Enabled Pricing

Across industries, businesses are facing the biggest economic shock since World War II as the novel coronavirus continues its global spread. In just a few months, unprecedented shifts in demand, costs, and supply chains have rendered time-tested pricing, sales, and operating mechanisms obsolete. To survive and thrive, many business leaders have already decided to recalibrate and […]

Dynamic Pricing: The Dos and Don’ts

Dynamic pricing is nothing less than the holy grail of e-commerce price management: a dynamic pricing strategy that sets prices based on a predictive algorithm fed with available data. Most e-commerce players are using some sort of algorithmic predictive pricing with great success. However, there are a few pricing truths often forgotten once the data […]

Pricing Optimization With Machine Learning: Is it Worth it?

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies have successfully penetrated many industries, ranging from healthcare to automotive. However, retail is particularly susceptible to adopting various ML applications as data is this industry’s driving force both in the physical and e-commerce realms. For example, an AI-powered recommendation engine has become a must-have […]