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Robert Ribciuc on Impact Pricing Podcast
Impact Pricing Podcast (July 19, 2021)

When is Inflation Good for Price Increase with Robert Ribciuc - Host: Mark Stiving, PhD

In this episode, Robert shares how as pricing experts, we need to capture as much of the value and use value-based pricing to its full advantage while understanding a client’s business goal regarding social concern in taking care of its vulnerable market segment.

Consumer Brands - Differentiated Pricing In Inflationary Environments

Robert discusses the need for Consumer Brands to maintain balance between the Profit motive and the Relationship motive with their customers for the long term. Focus on each company being a different place to manage the balancing act between short and long term. Stress that companies are not “entitled” to make a profit in all circumstances at the expense of their customers.

Grow Money Business Podcast Cover
Grow Money Business Podcast (August 17, 2022)

Using Pricing Strategy to Create Business Value

Pricing is a potent tool that businesses can use to increase profitability as well as the value of the company. However, at times, increasing the price of a product or service can be scary for a lot of smaller businesses. This week on Grow Money Business, we have a fascinating conversation with an expert in pricing, Robert Ribciuc. Robert is the managing partner of EBITDA Catalyst, a firm that helps businesses improve their pricing strategy. Throughout the episode, we dive into why pricing strategy is important to businesses of all sizes and some of the key things business owners should consider when setting prices for their products and services.

The Price of Business Show (September 19, 2022)

Thought Leaders Commentary: "Pricing Expertise Matters For Everyone, Not Just the Fortune 500"

Robert discusses with host Kevin Price the difference between “haves” and “have nots” when it comes to economic actors who are in a position to benefit or not from the work of pricing strategy experts.  Robert explains his Mission Driven Pricing framework for ensuring pricing can be a positive economic vector for the have nots as well, not just the Fortune 500 “haves.”


Democratizing Access To Better Pricing

Speakers Matt Johnston, Founder and CEO of EPIC Conjoint, and Robert Ribciuc, Managing Partner of EBITDA Catalyst, provide answers to pressing pricing questions centered around democratizing access to better pricing methods:

1. Why expanding access to better pricing tools and insights to more actors in the economy matters. 2. How Epic Conjoint is creating faster, more accessible solutions for pricing research. 3. How EBITDA Catalyst is using its Mission-Driven Pricing framework to contribute pricing insights to SMBs, start-ups and non-profits.

Robert Ribciuc on Impact Pricing Podcast Personalities in Pricing
Impact Pricing Podcast (Encore) (February 6, 2023)

Personalities in the Pricing Community with Robert Ribciuc - Host: Mark Stiving

In this episode, Robert shares some of his insights on how to deal with different kinds of people in the industry, be it personal or online. The discussion covers personal dynamics and how to be a positive driver in the “human factor” of the pricing profession and community. 1. Get tips on how you could recover and avoid “falls” in your life. 2. Learn how to give feedback and criticisms in a nice, positive manner. 3. Discover some lesser-known tricks/hints about how the LinkedIn algorithm works.