Scott Miller, CPA, CMA

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Consulting Partner

Toronto, Canada

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SaaS / Software
Digital / IOT

With over 20 years of pricing experience including senior consulting roles as well as corporate global pricing director roles with $10B technology firms. Scott has supported well over 100+ pricing and offer design initiatives throughout his consulting and corporate career across a wide variety of industries. In previous roles, Scott was a senior consultant with a variety of well-regarded firms, and “did the job” as operator and Head of Pricing at CGI and Blackberry.

Scott is a published pricing author, faculty member of the Professional Pricing Society (, and Fellow and Board Member with the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA). 
Scott contributes core strengths with:

  • Deep Saas/Xaas/IOT expertise: Advised some of the world’s most sophisticated companies, and on many independent consulting projects.
  • The Digital Pricing Framework: Scott has established valuable IP and process around how to make digital pricing successful with a repeatable, proven framework.
  • Exceptional workshopping and storytelling skills: Scott has helped dozens of organizations evolve their pricing savvy and achieve $ impact through highly regarded (and frequently referred) educator and facilitator strengths.

Scott has a BA in Science from the University of Waterloo, and has earned CPA and CMA designations. Scott is based in Toronto, Canada.  Learn More …