Valentin Radu

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Bucharest, Romania

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SaaS & D2C E-commerce Customer Value Optimization (CVO) CLV & Customer Retention

Valentin Radu is a leading expert, speaker and educator in Customer Value Optimization (CVO), focused on E-commerce and D2C / Digital Retail. A highly sought-after speaker and guest lecturer at leading e-commerce conferences, universities and startup incubator events, Valentin specializes in the continuum and balancing of various levers to optimize customer lifetime value (CLV). He brings experience from a wealth of projects at leading multinationals as well as MSEs. He contributes core strengths with:

  • Balanced perspective of pricing within broader context of CLV optimization: Advised and provided software to hundreds of companies across the world, providing in-depth understanding of customer acquisition, “jobs to be done” (JTBD), and retention / cohort management.
  • E-commerce revenue management expertise with an entrepreneurial bend: A successful entrepreneur himself, understands the unique challenges of scaling an online business, and how to help companies do more with less.
  • Global experience across geography and business growth stage: Drawing on CVO and CLV-focused work on 4 continents, has seen nearly every e-commerce revenue management challenge. With a perfect 5/5 rating from over 100 business clients, Valentin brings the tools to add high-ROI value to both disruptor and mature clients.

Valentin is the founder of Omniconvert, a provider of SaaS to e-commerce businesses looking to optimize CLV and long-term profitability and valuation. He also founded the CVO Academy, a provider of training and online courses in all aspects of CLV management, and a co-host of the podcast “The E-commerce Growth Stories.” He has an Engineering B.A. from the Bucharest Polytechnic University. Learn more …