Christine Carragee

Team Profile

Christine Carragee

Senior Consultant

Palo Alto, CA

Industry Coverage

Christine has worked in Pricing & Commercial Excellence in a variety of industries with a focus on industrial manufacturing and distribution and airlines/dynamic pricing.  Her latest position was as Principal Consultant in professional services for Vendavo, a leading provider of Enterprise pricing software and CPQ.  Her passion for analytics extends to data wrangling, dashboard design, statistical analysis and applied machine learning.  Within her 15+ years of experience Christine has spent nearly equal portions of her time working in Pricing & Analytics departments and consulting on pricing & CPQ software implementations. She has spoken on Data & the Art of Storytelling at the Professional Pricing Society and blogs on pricing topics.  Christine contributes core strengths with:

  • Analytics & pricing software: Advised some of Vendavo’s largest customers, and on many independent consulting projects.
  • Pricing research: From consumer businesses to large distributors, has experience with top flight pricing research questions and available tools and processes to address them.
  • Customer retention and churn analysis: Has played both the sleuth and the analyst angle in many client “turn defense into offense” situations.

Christine has a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Vermont and studied German and Economics at Universitaet Augsburg.  She also holds numerous certificates and advanced coursework in data visualization and data science.