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“Like a human being, a company has to have an internal communication mechanism, a ‘nervous system’, to coordinate its actions.”
— Bill Gates

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Pricing as a System® ensures all Pricing stakeholders act catalysts for each other’s roles, aligned in a system understood and promoted by all. Sadly, in most pricing organizations and cultures, we find the whole is often worth less than the sum of the parts. Pricing is often reduced to silos of limited effectiveness. Decisions get politicized with endless “stakeholder” cooks in the kitchen. Critical performers in the pricing org get disillusioned, act frustrated or leave, risking dysfunction.

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Reverse Auction Pricing Re-Tooling in Manufacturing

Pricing Execution At Global Scale

Pricing-Led Turnaround in E-Commerce & Manufacturing

Pricing Power Clarity®

Client Voices

Tremendously successful … Completely absorbed himself In OUR BRAND

Working with Robert was an absolute pleasure and proved tremendously successful. […] He completely absorbed himself in OUR BRAND so that whatever data became relevant, was complemented with our brand values, strategy and DNA. This was more than “just” a

David Kahan
CEO, Americas

Pragmatic focus on what Portfolio Company teams can implement promptly with great ROI

EBITDA Catalyst has been a repeat performer with strong value creation in the all-important top-line management, pricing strategy and pricing execution domains. Their domain expertise and versatility with pricing levers and analytics, comes with a hands-on operator mindset. Anchored in

Jeff Gordon
CEO and Senior Advisor
SignInApp and PSG Equity

Delivered a Lift to Our Pricing Decision-Making Process That Will Drive Both Short-Term and Long-Term Impact

EBITDA Catalyst delivered a lift to our pricing decision-making process that will drive both short-term and long-term impact at Kodiak Cakes.  The facts, analysis and insights provided allowed us to quickly reach conviction and consensus in key pricing actions that

Cameron Smith

The Session 1 workshop was terrific and SCORE client feedback was very favorable!

Robert has the experience and gift of simplifying potentially complex pricing terms and methods to business owners who may not have the practical or academic experience to understand the power of pricing. In particular, Robert takes a very easy to

Kevin Orth
Chair of Learning Programs
SCORE Twin Cities

You’re going to deliver … you always do!

You’re my first call if pricing needs come up in the portfolio … the work is frankly better than some of the larger firms that charge a lot more […] You’re

Jeff Nathan
Principal, Portfolio Operations
L Catterton

Our Go-To Partners for Pricing Strategy

We developed the ideal partnership with EBITDA Catalyst who helped us monetize and improve our pricing as we grew our successful SaaS company.  We brought in EBITDA Catalyst for multiple projects through various acquisitions to help successfully execute offering designs

Tammy Daigle
SVP, Product & Customer Operations

EBITDA Catalyst successfully revamped 15-year-old pricing strategy

Having used the same model for 15 years we were left with a new approach to our participant and sponsorship pricing for our events and campaigns. The impact of the change will enable a stronger financial gain which will ultimately

Victoria Riley
Here 4 The Girls

Our business has never looked back since we worked on our pricing strategy with you!

We saw terrific growth not just in our revenue, but profits and quality of relationship with our clients as well. For our CPA firm, getting away from a simple hourly rate / cost of time mentality and thinking broadly about

Todd Hysjulien
Founder & CEO

Knowledge on Consumers and Pricing Strategies Is Very Evident

Robert was awesome to work with; he went the extra step and came to our museum to see all that we had to offer. His underlying knowledge on consumers and pricing strategies is very evident. We all appreciated his time

Janie Heitz
Executive Director

Generously Shared Expertise

It was an absolute pleasure working with Robert. He generously shared his expertise and communicated in a clear, understandable manner. He was proactive, responsive and flexible, and overall a delight to work

Natalie Pryles
Project Director

Many “Aha!” Moments

EBITDA Catalyst helped us zero in on large opportunities to improve value delivered to our customers by sharpening our insights, segmenting our approach and driving pricing execution more consistently.  We had many “Aha!” moments from the in-depth pricing analytics they

Dave Brown
EVP, Head of Sales

Drive Big-Picture Solutions That Deliver Shareholder Value

Extensive intellectual horse-power, a thought leader with the ability to lead, work within and across teams, and an ability to master extensive detail yet drive big-picture solutions that deliver shareholder value […] excellent business instincts, an unsurpassed work ethic and

Pat Basu
Chief Operating & Chief Medical Officer

Game-Changing Strategy Shift for Sales

This is truly a game-changing strategy shift for Sales, and exactly what we have needed.  We just didn’t know how to articulate it and put it in a way we can take back to the Sales teams.  Charging in ways

Tobias Teuber
EVP - Europe

Finally A Highly Capable Pricing Partner!

Under very demanding circumstances, Rob led Pricing to terrific contributions to the business.  Both the financial and the people results were clearly prioritized to elevate our execution capabilities to a different level.  We deeply appreciated his deep expertise and unrelenting

AJ Smith
General Manager

Drove Lift for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Robert’s work led to several outstanding improvements for our organization.  His skills in pricing, negotiations and contracting drove lift for hundreds of millions of dollars of our business assets.  Whether the market was commoditized, or required tackling novel, high-uncertainty/high-potential-profitability assets,

Gregg Haugen
Senior Partner

Delivered Strong Price Realization

Robert provided a major boost to the global integration and financial results of our Pricing function as we partnered on several initiatives with transformational impact in our Commercial Excellence and Strategy functions.  With the benefit of our partnership, we delivered

Stuart Tisdale
EVP, Head of Strategy

Not a Day Goes By When I Don’t Use Something We Learned From You

Not a day goes by when I don’t use something we learned from you.  The Pricing Analytics and strategic insights that EBITDA Catalyst developed for our business were so effective, we got addicted to their power.  On some days, we

Matt Hanson

Multi-Pronged Performance Booster!

EBITDA Catalyst and Robert helped key parts of our business turn the corner of previous challenges and mount a strong EBITDA margin gain.  The “catalyzing” insights started with confidently pointing opportunities in our pricing strategy.  They provided analytical tools and visualizations that

Philip Hazel
Founder & CEO


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