Maciej Kraus

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Maciej Kraus

Consulting Partner

Warsaw, Poland

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SaaS / Software

Maciej Kraus, PhD, is a leading expert, speaker and educator in technology, software and start-ups pricing. A TED speaker, author and frequent lecturer at Stanford and leading executive education and startup incubator events, Maciej specializes in pricing and sales excellence in B2B, B2C and retail markets. He brings experience from a wealth of projects at leading multinationals as well as MSEs. He contributes core strengths with:

  • Pricing and monetization thought leadership: Author of two books, Maciej teaches the Pricing module of Stanford’s Business School executive education program. 
  • Pricing project expertise with an entrepreneurial bend: From Fortune 100 corporations to high-tech startups, has provided over 200 projects in pricing and revenue management.  Helps companies increase profits now and innovate in their pricing journeys for the long run. An entrepreneur himself, Maciej has sold his first advisory firm to PwC.
  • Global experience across geography and business growth stage: Few people have thought more, wrote more, and helped more companies than Maciej. His deep insights have delivered high ROI at dozens of companies looking to operationalize value-based pricing and selling.

Maciej sits on the Advisory Board of Competera Pricing Solution, a leading digital pricing platform, and of StartX, a start-up accelerator tied to Stanford University. He is a co-founder of Movens Capital, a venture capital firm focused on equity investments in European start-ups. Maciej has a Ph.D. from University of Warsaw.  Learn more …