Footwear Pricing Strategy: Who Will “Just Do It”?

Footwear Pricing Strategy: Nike Store Displays the Just Do It Slogan On Footwear Aisle End

Part 1: Will Footwear Brands Raise Prices In 2022?  Many footwear brands have signaled intent to raise prices in 2022, and a select few have reported already doing so in 2021. But what does this tell us about footwear pricing strategy moves in 2022? For now, a survey of earnings reports and retail pricing on […]

Grocery Prices Inflation: Cub Foods – A Poor Value? 

Cub Foods 24 Hour Savings

Share on linkedin Share on email Share on print Cub Foods is priced 60%+ higher than key competitors Many people may be noticing higher grocery bills from their average store trips over the last year, and chalk it up to inflation. True, inflation plays a role. But it turns out that where you shop matters […]

Hope Is Not A Strategy: Drug Prices Impact On Medicare & Taxpayers

Introduction Lately, my LinkedIn feed has been persistently featuring this Alzheimer’s Association post. It calls for everyone to protest the draft decision by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) to limit coverage for the Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, hoping for an ultimate reversal. Nearly all of us, me included, have loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Even […]

Peloton’s Pricing Strategy: Racing Into Trouble?

Sometimes, an inflexible, one-size-fits-all pricing strategy can turn into a major liability in a rapidly changing market. On Friday, November 5, shares of Peloton fell by over 35%. The stock is down over 2/3 from its January highs. In early trading Mon, it is down another 8%. For a company that not too long ago was […]

Working With Bankers & Advisors

As trusted advisors in highly specialized professions, you know all about providing service excellence above and beyond the rest, deploying your best human capital to give clients a winning edge.  Sometimes, enlisting another specialized, trusted advisor to complement and boost your value-add takes your success to the next level.