Working With Bankers & Advisors

As trusted advisors in highly specialized professions, you know all about providing service excellence above and beyond the rest, deploying your best human capital to give clients a winning edge. Sometimes, enlisting another specialized, trusted advisor to complement and boost your value-add takes your success to the next level. EBITDA Catalyst’s services can help you:

  • Boost a client’s valuation and “pitch strength” before a sale
  • Evaluate the critical pricing power of an acquisition target
  • Identify the 80/20 pricing moves to improve cash management in a turnaround
  • Identify “things you can do right away” for maximum cash ROI in a distressed situation


Working With Bankers & Advisors

While you own the client relationship, EBITDA Catalyst provides a vector for catalyzing performance that can be packaged within your broader service offering for your mandate, or as a referral that will deliver value above and beyond your mandate. We know the hurdle is high to become a partner of choice for demanding, standard-setting advisory leaders. We meet that challenge by leveraging our own differentiated catalysts and by producing results your client will love.


Working With Private Equity Firms

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