Pruning Customers to Increase Profitability In A Supply-Constrained Environment

Many companies operate on the assumption that any customer providing “some” additional contribution margin is a good customer. Surely having it is better than the alternative, they reason. This week, FedEx disagreed. It didn’t just let go 1,400 customers, but made it public. It put both customers and competitors on notice that severe supply constraints […]

The Two Flavors of Churn You Need to Know

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The success of any business is to create a product that people value. While a creative marketing campaign can get users through the door, it won’t get them to pay continuously for your product. Read the full article     Photo Credits: CrunchBase

4 Strategies to Simplify the Customer Journey

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The modern consumer faces hundreds — if not thousands — of choices every day. What to read. Where to shop. What to buy. And each of those decisions takes a mental toll. Read the full article     Photo Credits: Getty Images/Matthias Clamer

Are Your Customer Acquisition Tactics Annoying Your Existing Customers?

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Growth depends on companies keeping a steady flow of new customers coming in. And in those efforts, businesses might offer discounts to new customers or provide a better customer experience for prospects while doing little for their existing customers. Read the full article: Are Your Customer Acquisition Tactics Annoying Your Existing Customers?     Photo Credits: […]

How to Win the Retention Game: A Case Study with Lingopie

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Customer acquisition and customer retention are two essential metrics for any company. Both have an immediate impact on the company’s financial standing, brand notoriety, and longevity. Read the full article: How to Win the Retention Game: A Case Study with Lingopie     Photo Credits: Getty Images

How Loyalty Programs Are Saving Airlines

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Under financial pressure from the pandemic, many airlines are turning to their loyalty programs as collateral for loan programs. They are discovering that these programs are often worth more than their market capitalizations. But experience suggests that the relationship between the programs and the airlines is symbiotic and that airlines should retain control of them […]