The Package Insert: An Underrated Pricing & CLV Lever

Image illustrates package insert coupon that uses pricing strategy for channel optimization

The Missed Opportunity It’s back-to-school season, and for many of us that means more e-commerce purchases from direct-to-consumer or digital retail stores. Whether it’s this season or any other, I am always puzzled by the relatively high % of packages / consumer brands that miss a seemingly humble, yet important and near-free opportunity to be […]

Charging For Return Shipping: Legitimate Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Keyboard Returns Button

An often overlooked tool for pricing segmentation is ripe for a comeback: charging return shipping fees. It is a worthy tool in the pricing strategy toolset that brands must employ in this challenging environment. Footwear News is reporting on the increased uptake of this strategy among well-respected brands. While in the go-go times of no […]