The Fed Needs to Get Real about Inflation

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Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell loves to use the word “transitory” to describe the threat of inflation. But with each passing day, it looks more and more like inflation pressures are mounting in a much more significant manner than the Fed would like. Read the full article     Photo Credits: Unsplash/Celyn Kang

Walmart Is Doubling Down on ‘Rollbacks’ As Inflation Pushes Prices Higher

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Inflation is driving up prices of items from soda to diapers, but Walmart said it is putting more of its merchandise on sale. Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner said on an earnings call Tuesday that the retailer had about 30% more discounts in stores in the first quarter than the same period a year ago. He said […]

Inflation Fears Abound As Gas and Lumber Shortages Bite. Should the Fed Worry?

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Turn on the news, scroll through Facebook, or listen to a White House briefing these days and there’s a good chance you’ll catch the Federal Reserve’s least favourite word: Inflation. If that bubbling popular concern about prices gets too ingrained in America’s psyche, it could spell trouble for the nation’s central bank. Read the full […]

Google Photos Price: What Will It Charge When Free Storage Ends in June?

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Google Photos’ free unlimited storage for ‘high quality’ images ends on June 1. Wondering what the price of storing all your snaps and videos in Google Photos will be after that date? We’ve gathered all of the important info here so you can get prepared for the Google Photos change. Read the full article   […]

Truck Rates Soar and No Immediate Relief Expected

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Produce truck rates are up 70% or more compared with a year ago, and industry sources don’t think relief is coming anytime soon. Read the full article     Photo Credits: Unsplash/Brian Lundquist