Successful Pricing Strategy? Your Suppliers Want In

Image shows logos of Pantone, Pantone direct and Adobe. The Adobe logo has bags of cash with a green upward arrow suggesting increase. The Pantone and Pantone Connect logos suggest to aim demands for payment, with an extended open hand for Pantone and a harpoon aiming at Adobe's cash for Pantone Connect.

Summary The dispute between Pantone and Adobe has unnerved Adobe and many of its users, showing that key suppliers may successfully press for participation in economic gains from subscription pricing. With many price increases across the economy, both B2B and B2C brands asserting rationales of “increased value” should review their supplier relationships and prepare for […]

When SaaS Freemium Is Not Free: The Case Study

Part #2 of 2. Part #1 When SaaS Freemium Is Not Free: The Gotcha “Strategy” was published last week and sets the stage for how to evaluate (and generalize findings) from a case study like the one we tackle here. (Note: All references to a specific company name have been removed, and images have been […]

When SaaS Freemium Is Not Free: The Gotcha “Strategy”

Diagram shows test questions to determine whether a SaaS freemium plan is in fact free or there are hidden or delayed costs

Part #1 of 2. Part #2 is published as a separate post to illustrate a “case study” here. The “Free Plan” Challenge Freemium has become table stakes for myriad SaaS companies and the most successful customer acquisition tool for the SaaS industry as a whole. By providing genuine (even if limited) value and a risk-free […]

(Part #2) You Raised Prices. Demand Is Softening. Now What?

decreasing cash suggests lower available spending to power demand

Recap In Part 1 of this series, we suggested 5 potential focus areas for companies facing softening demand. This broader lens applies whether they have taken recent price increases, are considering new ones, or simply asking “Now what?” Here’s the list: Understand your current margin profile(s) and the relationship to your pricing stance Rebalance pricing […]

You Raised Prices. Demand Is Softening. Now What?

decreasing cash suggests lower available spending to power demand

The Bull Market for Pricing Actions: Is It Over? That bubble-burstin’ feeling. It’s been a bull market (with some bubble symptoms) for price increases. Some were thoughtfully and strategically done. Others were rushed, me-too, fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) affairs. Whether brands did one or the other or something in between, we’re not here to judge. A lot […]

Twitch Is Changing Subscription Pricing Based on Where You Live

Twitch TV Logo

Regardless of where you are in the world, a Tier 1 subscription to a Twitch channel costs $4.99. However, over the next few months, that’s set to change, and Twitch subs are getting cheaper for the vast majority of people outside the US. Read the full article     Photo Credits: Unsplash/Tim Gouw